A 字型屋反射 Reflections from an A-frame

大甲溪對面有棟紅色 A 字型屋。 但如 西元2021年05月07日 (週五) 13時30分, 因太陽反射剛剛好, 變成橘色。

Across Dajia River there is a red A-frame house. At certain times of the year, e.g.,' Fri May 7 13:30 2021, due to the Sun's angle, it turns orange.

查多數 A 字型屋採 60°, 60°, 60° 等邊三角形。

Most A-frames are 60°, 60°, 60° equilateral triangles.

屋:白相 House: white phase

Of course on cloudy days never white.

NOT Finished writing yet.

4.396 km, 168.77°

零星觀察 Miscellaneous observations

(Year doesn't matter, of course.)

原始碼 Source code.

上層 Up

積丹尼 Dan Jacobson

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