Icom IC-R2 comments

Too late, as I'm not sure they are still making them, but,

  1. As everybody else does too, I wish one could scan more than just one or all banks.

  2. I wish there were more scan resume values between 5 seconds and unlimited. Especially when scanning many channels.

    The designers were probably used to conversations where both parties could be heard and each replied within 5 seconds. From the scan pause range to 20 seconds but scan resume range to just 5, one can see they were mainly listening to blabber and not rescue calls. At least one can still set scan resume to unlimited.

  3. Odd that one must press a second TS to leave tuning step select mode before one can start a scan.

  4. The Auto power-off function should give us some time, oh maybe 20 seconds, to hit some button to abort, before it goes ahead and actually turns power off.

  5. Tone scan scans even when there is no signal to analyze to see what tone it uses.

  6. There should be a 200 kHz step added, useful for the FM broadcast band.

Dan Jacobson

Last modified: 2008-01-11 00:17:31 +0800