All immigration proposals must bring in the vote 移民法提案均必以拉票數為基礎

As we saw, all immigration proposals here in Taiwan need to be vote based. I.e., how many votes they will pull in for the politicians / political parties involved in getting them enacted into law.

Of course calling such behind the scenes calculations a "vote score" would be too direct. So in polite discussions we could call it an "applause score."

Let's take some simple examples, of who it would be "worthwhile" (from a politician's standpoint) to hand out e.g., dual nationality to:


Famous paintball player, Rudolfo Rompere

Worldwide fans: 3456789.

Taiwan fans: 1234. Of voting age: 678.

Score: 679.

I.e., his fans will think it is great that we handed out dual nationality to Rudolfo, and will remember to vote for us in the next election(s). As of course Rudolfo will certainly do also (+1) too.

Expert cheese taster, Norbert Nibbleston

Score: 1.

He might have the talent that Taiwan needs, but at most he is only going to bring in one vote: his own. Even if he later discovers cheese kills viruses. Same goes for expert ornithologist, Mary K. En'latweet. Her application might as well be "for the birds."

Three shipwrecked orphans

Score: 0.

They are under 18. They can't even vote for anybody.

Loving mother of six, Hung Hui-sheng

Ms. 洪惠笙(音:很會生) has six children, five of voting age. Adding her husband (1), his parents (2), and her herself, we come up with:

Score: 5 + 1 + 2 + 1 = 9.

Hardworking tutor K. P. "KP" Philbertsenovsky

Who knows, KP might have been too hardworking, causing student resentment. But by the time they eventually reach voting age, the only person to remember KP is KP themselves.

Score: 1.

Pastor P. D. F. Phillips

Score: 33 (his congregation) + 500 (his community, where his orphanage has high marks) = 533.

Unsung hero, Sister Nancy K. Milbertson

She may even work harder at the orphanage than all the other nuns and the Pastor combined, but by definition "unsung" means nobody knows about her except herself.

Score: 1.

Nonagenarian Skip "Flip" Whipplesnipt, been in Taiwan ever since the War

What War? Anyway, old enough not to even be able to find the poling place himself.

Score: 0.

Boy scout leader, Colonel Oats

Can boys vote? No. Is that clear?

Score: 1 - 1 = 0, for wasting our time making us repeat ourselves.

Acclaimed political science professor, Wiktop Trinitrotolulene

Score: -55.

His students consistently vote against us.


Scores look simple, however will lead to endless arguments at application windows. Therefore a revised dual nationality program could instead place its priorities on:

  1. (Over 18) fan base in Taiwan of applicant.

  2. Number of adult (voting age) dependencies in Taiwan of applicant.

  3. Marriage status of applicant. (Married: The whole family will vote for us, vs. Single: only one vote.)


Other factors, previously though to have been important, turn out in fact to not only be irrelevant, but also distractions:

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