Taiwan 衛星定位系統 GPS and 座標轉換 TWD67, TWD97, WGS84 coordinate transformations

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僅剩零星內容 All that is left are some scraps:

台灣三角點的座標 Taiwan Triangulation Points' Coordinates

台灣三角點 TWD67 座標表 TWD67 Taiwan Triangulation Points' Coordinates

台灣地圖有趣的地方 Taiwan map curiosities

因「國家安全」而動了手腳的衛星圖 Satellite images modified for "national security".

圓圈 Circles

大雅交流道偏移 Daya Interchange distortion

大雅交流道沒建在原中清路正上方,而另繞旁路,看地圖令我很好奇, 不是只增加紅路燈?

Why isn't Taichung (Taizhong)'s Daya Interchange on Zhongqing Rd. but instead on an extra side road? Looks so curious on a map. Doesn't that just increase the number of red lights?

程式 programs

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