T-Pinyin: 台灣式漢語拼音 Hanyu Pinyin Taiwan style

為達到與國際接軌, 與漢語拼音「相容」性高達 100%, 同時兼顧到台灣主體性, 本人隆重推出 T-Pinyin 式拼音 !

In the interests of internationalization and with "compatibility" with Hanyu Pinyin reaching 100%, but at the same time recognizing that Taiwan is not to be pushed around, I hereby announce the T-Pinyin system!

以前外國人到寶島偶而看到中國式漢語拼音路牌, 以為人在中國:

In the past, foreigners coming to the Island sometimes have encountered China style Hanyu Pinyin street signs:

諷刺路      玩笑街
Fengci Rd.  Wanxiao St.

換用 T-Pinyin 式路牌 Now with T-Pinyin these become

諷刺路           玩笑街
T-Feng T-ci Rd.  T-Wan T-xiao St.

我們每音前之 T 則再三提醒那些外國人這裡叫 Taiwan.

By putting a T before every syllable foreigners will never again forget for a moment that they are in Taiwan, oh no.

另外, 國人出國外國人一看到名字, 印象深刻, 永不忘從哪理來。 電話簿中亦永遠團結在一起, 一代接一代。

Also when Taiwanese go abroad, foreigners seeing their names will never forget where the Taiwanese come from. In the telephone book the Taiwanese will be united together, generation after generation.

從前的拼音不是太像中國就是亂拼一通。 雜牌拼音做不到, 指名 T-Pinyin !

The pinyins of the past either were to much like China Pinyin or just plain goofy. Don't just use any old pinyin. Ask for it by name: T-pinyin !

P.S. 不願意叫 Taiwan 者可試用如 ROC-ben ROC-dan, ZHTB- (中華台北)etc. etc. (Alternatives for those uncomfortable with "Taiwan", including Republic of China style, and "Chinese Taibei".)

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