Notes on the Icom IC-R2 receiver

I in 2003/2 at 我於潤泰 Rimtai 以 for NT$5800 買了一台 bought an Icom IC-R2 無線電通訊接收機 communications receiver, 9 kHz step model, serial number 13492.

2006/8 修理後由我信箱遭竊。 永別。 stolen from my mailbox after repair. Gone forever. Replaced with an R5.

IC-R2 notes by me:

電腦介面 Computer interface

自製連接線 Cloning cable: I made G3VGR'S [was] CI-V interface, which indeed seems to work, so I could run Parnass's tk2, Debian GNU/Linux package. Bob notes that for the IC-R2, the middle connector, not the tip, of a stereo plug must be used.

If you are going to use a USB to serial adapter, make sure you buy one that supports the serial voltages correctly, as mentioned in usb-serial.txt in the Linux documentation tree.

積丹尼 Dan Jacobson

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