Icom IC-R5 receiver

In 2006/11, to replace my stolen R2, I bought an Icom IC-R5 communications receiver from a friend for $NT 5000 used. He paid $NT 7200 new. It is a 9 kHz step model, serial number 0306504. Inferring from the box, back page of the manual, and other users posts, prefix 02=Europe version, 03=UK, 05=Italy, 06=USA, 07=France, 08=Spain...


Most of what I wrote about the R2 still applies with the R5.

The R2's "ticking" is gone, but instead now every button press insists on opening the speaker momentarily.

To turn on the light after dark, I remember "4 down": POWER ON, SET, rotate many steps counterclockwise, then back four steps (4 down, if thinking of the "right hand rule" of physics classes. (Icom seems to use the left hand rule, frequencies go up when you turn left.)). FUNC+DIAL will now adjust the light. Works, "expand mode" activated or not.

Wish searching for a conversation's DCS (DTCS) code was as easy as searching for its CTCSS code.

Just what kinds of power supplies can we attach to the 6 volt socket, beyond the warning to only buy Icom's?

TV channels

By the way, viewing with tk5, I found in my R5 UK version radio, there were the UK TV channels (as seen in the back of the R5 paper manual), written on top of the "CCIR" channels, the last few of which unscathed, in turn written on top of the U.S.A. channels, with two blank channels left to make a total of 70.

Fate of R5

Starting June 2017, the first time I turn it on each day, I see "CLEAR" and voosh... it factory resets, even though I only pressed the power button and no other buttons.

See Also

The Debian GNU/Linux tk5 package of Parnass' tk5, and my little programs. If Icom believed in open standards, people could write programs for their products easier.

Dan Jacobson

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