門牌應載區名 Address plates need district names

積丹尼 Dan Jacobson 2018/10 著

摘要: 台灣部份縣市合併升等後, 其部份新印製門牌不印區, 導致完全相同的門牌同市境內可能出現於十多處。 故門牌維持印區名對緊急報案之重要。

Abstract: Some Taiwan cities, after being annexed with their former county, issued new address plates, some of which no longer showing district names. The identical address plate might now occur on ten or more buildings scattered around town. Thus including the district name on the plate is critical for emergency reporting.

更新 Update:『本市新制門牌於本[2020]年度編釘者皆已含有「區」名』! Starting 2020, new plates will show the district!

「臺中市中山路三段88號 Taichung City Sec. 3, Zhongshan Rd. 88」 及民眾自製另含「烏日區」牌 and a second plate made by the building owner containing 'Wuri District' (Chinese only).

2010 年縣市合併升等後, 新北市、 台中市、 台南市、 及後來之桃園市, 均一夜之間突然面臨同新擴大的市境內多條同路名。

After the 2010 annexation suddenly New Taipei, Taichung, Tainan, and later Taoyuan cities all faced multiple same named roads all within the same new expanded city.

少數路改名、 併入他路等等, 但多數僅以區名來區別。

A few road names were changed or were combined into other roads etc. but most just used their district name to distinguish them.

只要維持寫區名, 那就夠區別之。

As long as the district name remains in the address, this is sufficient to distinguish them.


However some city governments started not printing district names on some of their address plates.

有印市名, 有印路名, 但中間的區名不印!

They printed the city name and road name, but not the district name!


For example "Taichung City Sec. 3, Zhongshan Rd. 88" (image above)


  1. 臺中市太平區新吉里1鄰中山路三段88號?

  2. 臺中市烏日區三和里4鄰中山路三段88號?

  3. 臺中市潭子區栗林里7鄰中山路三段88號?

Does it refer to that same address in Taiping District? Wuri District?, or Tanzi District?

圖中見到屋主甚至另自製補含大字「烏日區」牌, 併貼。 原官方牌缺之。

In the image we observe the building owner has even gone through the trouble to affix his own second plate, emphasizing 「烏日區」 (Wuri District), which is missing from the official plate.

之前能走到屋前, 記下住址, 有保證郵件憑之能到。

In the past, one could step outside one's house, copy down the address, assured letters would always be able to reach it.

今郵局反而收到這類欠缺地址的信, 只好退件 「地址不詳」。 一件怎麼能希望郵局「研究並試投」每「多元」地址?

Now if the post office received a letter with one of these incomplete address it could only return it, stamped "insufficient address." For one letter how could one hope the post office would "research and try" each of many such possible ambiguous addresses?

(而若是 「中山路二段」, 台中市則四區。 「中山路」十五區。 「成功路」十區, 等等。 原始碼。 )

(And e.g., Sec. 2, Zhongshan Rd.: Taichung city has it in four districts. Zhongshan Rd.: 15 districts. Chenggong Rd.: 10 districts. Etc. etc. Source code.)

耽誤救災 Delay rescue

郵局是小事。 先談救災。

Never mind the post office. Let's talk about rescue operations.

民眾光憑不含區的門牌報案時, 如上例圖, 救災單位有三分之二的可能派員到錯的地方, 然後再二分之一又二次派錯 (先跑太平…不對, 再跑潭子…又不對, 最後才跑到烏日…對!) 可見相當危險!

When the public reports a disaster using one of these address plates that lack districts, e.g., our above example, rescue crews have a 2/3 chance of going to the wrong place. Then an additional 1/2 chance of going to the wrong place again. (First going to Taiping, then Tanzi, only finally to Wuri.) Dangerous!

或只好三個可能的地點同步派三隊。 耽誤救災也牽涉國賠。

Or one needs to simultaneously send three crews, one to each possibility. Delaying rescue also may lead to government compensation claims.

結論 Conclusion


Including the district is the only way to eliminate worries of ambiguous address plates in the same city.

附錄: 問答 Appendix: Q & A

問: 本地人報案, 當然能說出在哪區呀。

答: 報案的人不一定是本地人。

Q: A local person certainly can say what district they are in when reporting incidents.

A: The reporter might not be a local person.

問: 110 / 119 / 113 中心已經能看到是哪區撥來的電話。

答: 報案也許不在現場, 還有很多方式, 圖片、 傳真、 簡訊、 紙條、 遠方親人轉達等等, 不見得是透過最理想方式。

Q: 110 / 119 / 113 phone staff can see on their monitors where the call is coming from.

A: The reporter might not be at the scene, or is sending a image, fax, text message, paper note, distant relatives relaying a report, etc. Reports don't always come via the most ideal methods.

問: 那麼就要追回每枚已發缺區牌, 重印? 勞民傷財。

答: 只希望停止印製缺區牌, 今起僅印含區牌。 甚至可以修改各縣市「門牌編釘作業要點」等規定, 避免再次發生。

Q: So all the plates lacking district need to be recalled? What a waste.

A: I'm just hoping no more lacking district will be made. Perhaps the regulations could also be revised to prevent it happening again.

問: 缺區牌仍掛著, 不就仍有所描述的救災耽誤風險嗎?

答: 好, 那麼就可以派員用貼紙把區名補貼上去。 如上次只是為了把「鄉」、 「鎮」、 「市」 一字改成 「區」, 特地派員。

Q: Well the faulty plates left hanging... dangerous, no?

A: OK, then staff should be sent to affix district name stickers. Just like previously, when just to paste the one word 「區」 (district) over previous 「鄉」、 「鎮」、 「市」 staff was sent.

問: 如「東關路三段」台中市只有一個, 為什麼還要印區名?

答: 民眾看到區名才能放心是標準門牌, 免研究是屬多胞胎牌否。

Q: How about e.g., "Sec. 3, Dongguan Rd." Taichung City only has one. Why does the district name need to be added?

A: To give the person reading it confidence that it is a standard plate, with no need to research if there there is an "evil twin" lurking elsewhere.

問: 聽說好像將來同市重複的路名遲早要改名呀。

答: 本文主要針對停止印製新缺區多胞胎門牌。 不談爭議性更名提案, 拼音議題等等。

Q: I heard that sooner or later all such identical road name will be renamed anyway.

A: This paper only discusses the current problem. We avoid discussing controversial theoretical renaming plans, pinyin, etc.

問: 那麼區名也要加英譯?

答: 或至少如以前, 加三碼郵遞區號, 外籍人士才能區別雙胞胎。 但我看整牌已加英譯, 恐區名也要如此才好。 (但如「1之3」尚未譯… 但已離題。)

Q: So should the district name be in English too?

A: Or at least have a three digit postal code, so foreigners can distinguish identical paris. But as the rest of the sign is in English, then: yes. (But e.g., "1之3" still isn't translated... Maybe it should be "1-3", but that is getting off of the subject.)

問: 如果 {市、路、號}牌不單一而算退步, 那麼難道之前的僅含 {區、路、號} 牌怎麼算單一?

答: 如 (原始碼):

北區成功路: 新竹市、臺中市、臺南市
東區忠孝路: 新竹市、臺中市、嘉義市

之前其區底又印三(或更好五)碼郵遞區號! 足以區別是全國哪市的北區。

Q: If {city, road, number} plates are a step back from {district, road, number} plates, then how were the latter more unique?

A: Ah, E.g.,

Chenggong Rd., North District: Hsinchu City, Taichung City, Tainan City.
Zhongxiao Rd., East District: Hsinchu City, Taichung City, Chiayi City.

Well in the past, below the district name, address plates also included the 3 (or better, 5) -digit post code! Enough to distinguish it is which city's North District across the entire country.

問: 里、鄰名也都要印嗎?

答: 問題恐離題。

Q: Should Village Name and Neighborhood Number also be printed?

A: Sorry, that question is beyond the scope of this paper.

問: 國外僅自行貼個 「88」, 才美。

答: 國情不同。 路牌若不確定(常發生), 全軍覆沒 (整排房子地址跟著不確定。)

Q: Boy you are picky. In most counties you just tack up an artistic "88" etc. on your house, (and the rest of the address people figure out by looking for the street sign, and then some map to see what town you are in. And then looking up the correct ZIP code, etc.)

A: Yes, but the conditions in Taiwan are different. If one can't be sure which is the street sign, as often is the case, the whole row of houses' addresses are thrown into a state of uncertainty.

問: 2010 年之前如南投縣已有六條中正路…

答: 是, 但相信其門牌一向亦俱鄉鎮市名。

Q: Even before 2010 e.g., Nantou County already had six Zhongzheng Roads...

A: Yes but I'm sure their address plates all still also mention the township etc.

回應 Response


本市門牌皆載有「區名」供民眾辨識及覓址。 2018.10.19


本市於103年12月25日升格,各區之門牌即暫時以「區」字貼片將舊式門牌之「鄉、鎮、市」作遮蓋。 為加強門牌之辨識、 便利民眾通訊訪友、 提高消防救災之通行及維護市容美觀整齊, 爰自105年起分年分階段辦理新式門牌換發作業, 新換發之門牌已有區別之設計。

另依「桃園市道路命名及門牌編釘作業要點」二十五點規定略以, 編釘之門牌依下列規定釘掛, 住戶不得任意改釘、 拆卸或掩蓋: (一)面對正門右上方, 距地面一八〇公分處或明顯易見之適當位置。 ……。 爰本市換發新式門牌作業係依前揭規定張貼於面對正門右上方處或明顯易見之適當位置; 又臺端建議針對民眾難以辨別左右之門牌下方可另貼箭頭「←」乙節, 將錄案參考, 感謝您的寶貴意見。 2018.10.17


縣市合併後, 臺中縣各鄉、鎮、市因配合行政區域調整改制為「區」, 門牌須逐步更新, 及為配合道路名稱整併與門牌整編作業, 爰本府民政局參考各直轄市、縣(市)門牌種類、樣式與編釘方式後, 重新設計本市門牌, 並於新式門牌左上角加置府徽「湖心亭」之圖樣, 以展現城市新風貌。 為方便用路人覓址辨識, 新式門牌設計將門牌號碼放大, 惟囿於門牌規格大小, 爰不加註行政區域名稱, 以使文字較為顯著。 另考量民眾所需與加強辨識效果, 本市主要道路交叉口、重要機關(單位)或每隔10戶, 均會張貼大型「門牌指標(加註行政區域)」, 供用路人辨識。 您的建議良善, 本局已錄案。 2018.10.12


本市門牌樣式於107年修訂統一樣式, 新樣式門牌資訊含市名、區名、路名、號碼及英譯。

反駁 Rebuttal

很好, 但民眾無人聽到或想到在台中十戶內會有區名答案, 且會有人懷疑「老劉門牌比別人豪華…不公平」, 另如郊、 山區門散佈遠處, 連找兩枚門牌難何況十枚。

Wonderful except that the public never would have imagined that in Taichung within 10 households one can find the district name. Also people will wonder why the Jones' have a fancier address plate than the other neighbors. "Not fair." And in e.g., rural or mountainous areas one would be hard pressed to find even one other address plate, let alone up to 10.

公車故事 Bus story

補一個故事, 我有一位客人, 從豐原坐公車, 要到東勢區豐勢路 488 號豐原客運東勢站, 卻在石岡區豐勢路 488 號附近先下車… 但怎麼怪她? 門牌無記區。 (該車也是經過豐原區豐勢路一、二段 488 號。 還好她沒那麼早開始注意要哪裡下車。 反正同一條豐原至東勢公車路線, 經過共四處「豐勢路 488 號」! 可見未標記區能製造多少問題…)

I recall a guest of mine, taking a bus from Fengyuan to the Dongshi FyBus station, 488 Fengshi Rd., Dongshi District, first got off the bus near 488 Fengshi Rd., Shigang District... but how could you blame her? The address plates lack District. (The bus also passes 488, Sections 1 and 2, Fengshi Rd. Fengyuan District. Good thing she didn't start looking for where to get off that early. Anyway, this single Fengyuan to Dongshi bus route passes a total if four "488 Fengshi Rd"s! You can see the insanity not having the district mentioned on the address plates will cause.

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