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See also Wikipedia: House_numbering.

念頭 Thought: 北美可以學一點兒華人的路╱巷╱弄門牌系統, 華人可以學一點兒北美的方格座標門牌系統。 North America could study a bit of the Chinese road/lane/alley addressing system. Chinese could study a little of the North American grid coordinate addressing systems.

路╱巷╱弄門牌系統其實很棒, 特別在山區, 只要維持一定的號碼╱距離比例。 The road/lane/alley system is indeed quite good, especially in mountain areas, as long as one keeps the distance/number ratio stable.

求齊 Order please

目的 Goal: 期待台灣門牌號碼逐漸加強規範。 就是某路決定將整編、新編門牌時, 加以充分規劃。 I'm hoping Taiwan addressing will gradually get better planned. That is, when it is decided that a road will be renumbered, or initially numbered, thorough planning is applied. 惟門牌尚未夠亂之路, 擾民整編得不償失。 However, on roads where the numbers aren't too jumbled, then it's not worth the trouble to residents to renumber.

「我家住422號, 為什麼對面房子不是421號或相近? 為什麼外國做得到?」

"I live at number 422. Why isn't the house across the street number 421 or close? How is it that other countries can do it?"

[Map: S. St. Paul, MN, USA] (圖 Image: 紅色為 S. St. Paul, Minnesota, USA 中有條無紊的門牌座標。 美、加做得到. House numbering system in red.)

美國、加拿大(除兩者老東部)門牌號碼做得有條無紊。 能不能應用到台灣? 只是我無心連跟拔起人家現有的門牌。 等有新市鎮規劃, 或趁一次的沒完沒了的門牌「整編」, 看能不能重編得可用長久。

They do a pretty god job of house number planning in the U.S. and Canada. I'd like to apply their experience to new city planning projects in Taiwan. I don't have the heart to mess with the numbers of houses with people already living inside them though. We might wait for a "new town" project, or one of Taiwan's endless local house renumberings, to see if we can do something more permanent.


Why has house number planning never been taught in city planning courses?

在台灣有很多人, 跟隨在各戶政事務所的後頭, 撿其所發之品質不一之門牌號碼, 進行地理資訊系統數值地址檢核機制等等研究, 從未想到如果前邊改發好門牌, 後面根本不必弄得那麼複雜為了分析它。

In Taiwan there are many people, trailing along behind Household Offices, picking up the poor quality house numbers they establish, then using these numbers in fancy geographic information systems (GIS) digital address validation etc. research, never thinking for a moment that if those in front creating the addresses did a better job, one wouldn't need to rely on such complicated systems to make sense of the mess in the first place.

我譴責台灣的地政、戶政及都市計劃單位(均屬內政部) 他們不事前規劃門牌號碼, 而於房屋興建後才依照新增房屋數量去決定門牌號碼,怪不得, 要個龐大的地理資訊系統才知道某一門牌房子座落何處, 法令 (如各地的「道路命名暨門牌編釘辦法」) 僅規定要預留門牌號碼以供將來建築之房子使用, Even though reserving numbers for later construction is in most local Taiwan law,

在台灣經常出現門牌重編的情形, 況且門牌屬於不動產的附屬物, 將之歸為戶政單位主管並不恰當, 我建議應由都市計劃單位主管。

我並建議由重劃地區開始做起, 於重劃計劃書出來前先套上門牌座標, 在美國, 這是理所當然的事, 美國人不須要如台灣人般, 以門牌號碼向路人問路時還得加註是位於那條街口, 在美國及加拿大, 除了早期發展地區外, 其他地區均已施行門牌規劃有百年之久。

在台灣門牌查詢系統連個影子都沒時, 美國的小朋友如果不是已經能說出目的地位於那條街口, 頂多就是看著圖廓就能知到某門牌房子位在何處, 就能知「道」。

利用座標訂門牌也有防災功能, 救護車司機不須向人問路或操作電腦系統仍能到達目的地。 找某地址時, 應該哪裡下公車也能猜得比較準。

In Taiwan house numbers often are like clothes, as the city grows they end up being reassigned several times as they are grown out of. Oddly Household bureaus are responsible, when it is clearly a city planning / land department question.

I recommend we take the opportunity next time there are new planned communities, to do it right, before road building begins.

後來尋地址社會成本遠不如先稍用腦規劃好。 The net savings of all the trouble of all the people later searching for addresses is worth the little trouble spent planning addresses.

In the gridded USA cities, even little kids can tell you how to get to an address. Businesses need not waste advertising space with maps of how to get to the store.

With good addressing, ambulances won't need to ask their way, or depend on fancy GIS or GPS. When looking for an address, even better guesses about when to get off the bus can be made.

最基本目標 Minimal goals:

門牌號碼規劃應該列入都市計畫 Address planning should be a part of city planning

台灣市地重劃區共五百多區, 面積一萬多公頃。計畫內什麼都考慮到, 可惜門牌號碼只丟給戶政事務所一棟一棟處理善後。 沿著一條路走越遠, 往往路左右兩邊門牌號碼越不協調。 有時一邊突然跳高很多, 發現它們跑到一個弄裡, 出來時已經漲了很多, 對面反而如烏龜只在「附好」打轉。

一些不良的現象: Some bad phenomena:

Edmonton, Canada 的街道,橫的、直的都用號碼命名, streets and avenues all use numbers, 核心為 centered at 101st St. 及 and 101st Ave. 是我的話, I'd use 我會選 250th St. 及 750th Ave. for the center. Bayfield Co. WI USA rural addressing uses non-overlapping addresses, 1000 per mile. 好處為 Advantages:

  1. Very far until hit negative numbers. 不用加東西南北字

  2. Street numbers still fit into three digits, house numbers into five. 街道最多僅需三碼, 門牌五碼。 (北美式中, 某街經過147路, 其門牌由14700號起。 再重複於下:)

    例如美國與加拿大許多地址系統採用數字編碼的設計, 透過與某道路相交之其他道路編碼即可判定該道路內之門牌號碼範圍, 例如某段道路為 96 Avenue, 坐落於其與 157 Street 與 158 Street 相交路口之間的所有地址均為 15700 至 15800 之間

  3. No worry about confusion between St. and Ave. until very far. But why not a system that can be extended forever...?

    What if they used even vs. odd for north-south vs. east-west?

我不是到處要改變人家現有的門牌,我只是說未來的社區可以做得更好。 不曉得為什麼門牌號碼規劃從來不列入都市計畫課程。

我們常聽已經有各種地理資訊系統, 但是它們都是被動記載現有的門牌, 沒人主動規劃未來的門牌。

好的門牌至少美、加做得到(其東岸老城市除外)。 台灣的幾巷、 幾弄用號碼命名也不錯, 比美加郊外社區用人名更系統化, 但也許不動產推銷員會覺得不夠美學。 The many individually named twisty North American suburban streets would be better served by a Taiwan numbered lane and alley system, however real estate agents might think trading fairyland names in for systematic numbers would hurt sales, even if it would speed deliveries and maybe even save a life one day.


台灣的英文住址 Taiwan English postal addresses. 其實, 台灣的傳統「某路幾巷幾弄幾號」系統在不規則街道區如山區, 常超越北美方格式系統的功能。 Actually, Taiwan's "XX Road # Lane # Alley #" system, in irregular street patterns, like the mountains, often surpasses the usefulness of North American style grid based systems.


門有對聯, 門牌也要對聯。 亦即與馬路對面的號碼不能差太遠。 對不起來就對不起社會。

台北市主要幹道加註序號:可不必 Taipei street nicknumbering: unnecessary

用號碼命名路也可以避免紀念可能有爭議的人物。 但台北市主要幹道加註序號沒多大用。 其主要是為了彌補一時混亂拼音, 而當副系統, 因與本國人無關, 無法做溝通橋樑, 僅增障礙, 無人理睬。

Taipei street nicknumbering is a unnecessary project to supposedly ease foreigners confusion due to the pinyin conflict. They give each big street an additional number aside from its name. Locals don't use the numbers, so don't expect it to be any bridge of communication -- it just adds one more obstacle. Numbering streets is good, but if you do it, do it for everybody.

Taipei street nicknumbering

One country, three writing systems

山區門牌號碼規劃Mountain area address planning

跨行政界 Crossing political boundaries

同一條崇德路一、二、三段在台中北屯, 四、五段於潭子。 讚! The same Chongde Rd., in Taichung (Taizhong) Beitun District is Sec. 1, 2, and 3. In Tanzi is Sec, 4, 5. Good! (連2010年縣市合併前 Even before the 2010 city/county unification). 敝東勢區東關路提案

2018 年: 門牌應載區名 Address plates need district names.

2018 年: 門牌屬左棟?右棟? Address refers to house on left or right?

方案 Projects

怕四 Fear of four

門牌號碼、 身分證逢四不編訂、 不配賦(斷連結)。 我猜這是政府高層賣台陰謀, 預留身份證與門牌給他們的火星人同胞, 可見未來火星人部隊腦波監波崗哨每十棟房子設一哨,那麼密! 「死、四音近」不過是藉口。

In Taiwan, new ID cards and house numbers are not to end with the number 4. Otherwise they will rhyme with "death" in Chinese, is the excuse given. I bet however this is a plot by the nation's former leaders to reserve room for their Martian buddies. One Martian Army brain wave monitoring station planned for every 10 houses!

還好, 我們做門牌號碼規劃留有彈性, 能吸收。 最壞打算是在奇數側任意丟掉號碼, 免得其長得比對面快!

Fortunately our address planning has enough flexibility to absorb this. In the worst case we can randomly throw away numbers on the odd side of the street lest it grow faster than the even!

2018 更新 update: 未料更嚴重。 Alas the problem is more serious. 參見 See 門牌忌四之配套, 以維持左右協調 Methods to balance house numbers opposite skipped 4.

最好門牌號碼規劃機會 Best opportunities for address planning

趁新市鎮規劃期 Much easier to do in the planning stage before houses are built!

2005.10.25, 交通部高速鐵路工程局 Taiwan High Speed Rail Bureau acknowledged my suggestions for communities planned around stations.

有關台端陳情高鐵各車站特定區門牌號碼規劃乙案, 台端寶貴意見本局將納入高鐵五站特定區都市規劃分析及檢討研究, 並提供都市計畫權責機關單位參考。

2006.4.28, 營建署市鄉規劃局 Taiwan Ministry of Interior Urban and Rural Planning Bureau acknowledged my suggestions.

台端以電子信箱建議於市鄉規劃時, 納入門牌號碼規劃事宜乙案, 台端寶貴意見本局將納入辦理都市規劃作業參考, 並將轉供戶政、建築管理、地政等相關單位參考。

室號規劃 Room number planning

有一天應該想室號規劃, 為了各類建物。 One day we should think about room number planning, for various buildings.

中國 China

中國部份地區也用類似巷弄號制。 不知世界他處是否用。

Parts of China use similar numbered lanes etc. See Chinese version. Not sure where else in the world it is used.

門牌奇蹟博物館 Museum of addressing oddities

現有奇例 Current extreme examples


北美也專門開門牌年會 In North America, URISA even has "Street Smart and Address Savvy" conferences. (惟讀其文獻必先付費!) (However the papers require payment to read!) There are standards accessible though.

Rural Australia and New Zealand use 100 numbers per kilometer [link gone], counted from beginning of the road.

Clallam Co. Washington USA addressing uses 1000 numbers per mile, with the last digit indicating distance from road.

怎能有個T字路口, 三條路都同名? 那麼, 可能就是個P字路口, 繞回接其中間。 也許也有4字路口等等… How could there be a "T junction" with all three roads having the same name? Well, it might actually be a "P junction", where a road meets itself back at the middle... Maybe there are even letter "4" shaped junctions...

台中市中46市道(東市區)即 P 型…

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