上河圖與電力座標 Sunriver maps and TaiPower grids

不少上河 地圖集載電力座標。 Many of Sunriver's atlases have TaiPower grids included.

台灣電力公司的電桿及箱有座標, 上河把它套上地圖供讀者定位; 用法如下: 看到桿子掛 A1234 BC5678 編號,橫座標即 12B,縱座標即 34C。 圖上橫座標只看到 11C 及 12E 兩條座標線,相距一 公里,未顯示其間各相距 100 公尺的 11D、11E、11F、 11G、11H、12A、12B、12C、12D。 您橫位置則是12E 以西 300 公尺。 圖上縱座標只看到 34A 及 36A 兩條座標線,相距一公里, 未顯示期間各相距 100 公尺的 34B、34C、34D、34E、35A、35B、35C、35D、35E。 您縱位置則是34A 以北 200 公尺。 (您有 沒有發現,橫的可達 H 但縱的只達 E,才跳回 A)。

Taiwan Power Company's boxes and poles are marked with coordinate numbers, and Sunriver put them on the map for you, the reader, to find your position. As an example, you see a pole labeled A1234 BC5678. This means your X coordinate is 12B, your Y coordinate 34C. On the map however, you only see the two grid lines at 11C and 12E, spaced 1 km apart. We have not marked the intervening grids 11D 11E 11F 11G 11H 12A 12B 12C 12D, each 100 meters apart. Your X position is thus 300 meters west of grid line 12E. Likewise, on the map you only see the Y grids 34A and 36A, 1 km apart. We have not shown the intervening 34B 34C 34D 34E 35A 35B 35C 35D 35E, each 100 meters apart. Your Y position is thus 200 meters north of grid line 34A. (Have you noticed with the X coordinate, the letter cycles from A to H, whereas for Y, it only cycles A to E.)

我發現若只用電力座標前段,如G8150, 帶上河圖集約兩秒鐘我已經查到 800*500公尺區域, 夠一般旅遊需要! I discovered that if I just concerned myself with the first part, of a TaiPower grid, e.g. "G8150", carrying Sunriver's atlas, I am able to get my location to a 800 x 500 m region in about 2 seconds, which is all one needs when on vacation!

其非載電力座標值之頁, 能據載電力座標值的頁, 以手套繪過來。 For pages that lack TaiPower grid values, one can copy them over from pages that have them.

《台灣地理人文全覽圖》 Formosa Complete Road Atlas (1:50000) 練習答案 Quiz answers:


只要圖套上五碼郵遞區號, 民眾可到郵局拿五百多頁之免費3+2郵遞區號簿, 或試其資料庫當全國街道索引。

勘誤 Errata

全覽圖北島含3版44圖87E誤作84E。 Complete Atlas North through 3nd edition, map 44: 87E is written 84E.

全覽圖2版止台南縣圖縱座標突跳百公里。 Complete Atlas through 2nd edition Tainan County map vertical coordinates jump 100 km.

2003年11月以前出版品的澎湖Y區橫座標由275000算起, 而非251000。 故圖緣每電力座標值應減30, 如71C應改為41C。 北島二版63圖最右上角「Y區T67」251000仍改為275000如前後頁。

For all maps published before November, 2003 Penghu's horizontal coordinates should start at 275000, not 251000. Subtract 30 from each Taipower grid value, e.g. 71C becomes 41C. In North Island 2nd edition map 63, one must still change the little T67 in the upper right corner from 251000 to 275000.

全覽圖北島2001年版: 34圖電力橫值依28圖為準。 2001 edition of the Complete Atlas, north book: on map 34 for the electric grid east-west value, please use those of map 28. 120圖全台小圖, 頭行應為150 250 350。 P.120 small Taiwan map's top line should be 150 250 350.

全覽圖電力座標系統解讀中, 「如圖2、圖3」字眼可省略, 10x10 公尺目測圖的小方塊均太低, (南島:G1998 改為 R1998), 此處方塊亦應接頂。 南島 South 2005 年版 edition OK.

全覽圖南島2001年版高雄街道圖座標有數誤。 苗縣亦一誤。 In the 2001 edition of the South Atlas, the coordinates of the Kaohsiung street map have several errors, Miaoli county one too.

電力座標無I區。 There is no Taipower grid region labeled "I". 二版已修 Second editions already OK

釣魚台的北緯應加7分, TM座標網值則不變。 Diaoyutai's latitude should have 7 minutes added. The TM coordinate net values however are correct.

《台北市影像導讀地圖集》座標 Taipei Photomap Atlas coordinates: 國安單位味道很濃, 不但有假森林, 座標值必自註。 Strong National Security scrutiny odor. Not only are there phony forests, coordinate values must be added by hand. 希望再版加街道索引。 Hope future editions add a street name index. 原碼 Source code.

金門 Jinmen

上河用的金門座標並非金門電力座標, 故上河沒無套其上去。 惟我們曾其值。

Sunriver's Jinmen grid is not Taipower grid for Jinmen, so Sunriver does not add the values. However, we did once guess them.

For English readers 給英文讀者

至2004年春止尚無出現較厚的台灣拼音地圖集。 有道理因為台灣拼音政策之昏亂

As of Spring 2004 no substantial atlas of Taiwan with romanization has been made yet. A dilemma for the makers is Taiwan's romanization (pinyin) mess.

如果我是出版者, 我會把所有資料自動套上漢語拼音, 正如國語日報逐字套注音符號, 然後限量發行此雙語地圖集。 If I were a publisher, I would automatically add pinyin to each Chinese character, and make a limited press run of these bilingual atlases. 雖然有部份台灣尚未實施漢語拼音, 甚至刻意用別家拼音, 但我們龐大漢語拼音使用者群的方便比什麼朝令夕改重要。 Even though Hanyu Pinyin may not be the official romanization of parts of Taiwan, convenience of us many Hanyu Pinyin users is more important than any fly-by-night Taiwan government policies.

電力座標卻無語言障礙 Even though the atlases are in Chinese, the pole codes aren't. So, in theory, one still can navigate "participating areas" of Taiwan (areas where the power company has hung newer pole plates) this way without being a Chinese whiz.

當然不一定需要買此地圖集, 自己仍能以手繪將電力座標值, 套在具有TWD67 之座標方格網之地圖上。 Of course one doesn't necessarily need to buy this atlas. One can always add TaiPower grid values to a map's existing TWD67 grid with a pencil, etc.

電力座標是公開的資訊 Taipower grids are open information.

二度分帶轉上河座標 TWD to Sunriver grids

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