疣胸琉璃蟻防制 Dolichoderus thoracicus prevention

此蟻種近年台灣中部山區問題大。 These ants have become a big problem in the central Taiwan hills: 影片 (video in Chinese).

以下是 住山上海拔 777 米對抗本蟻種入屋經驗。 但未保證對您有效, 畢竟我連基本生物學也沒讀過:

Here are some methods I have found useful here at elevation 777 meters to keep them out of the house. No guarantees that they might work for you though, as I haven't even studied Biology 101:

(本文僅談防制入侵民宅。 農作物則請閱如疣胸琉璃蟻-驅蟻寶典。)

(This article only discusses house prevention. For crop prevention see e.g., 疣胸琉璃蟻-驅蟻寶典 .)

防制 Prevention

  1. 房子外牆接地角 House outer wall base

    屋外牆角噴殺蟲劑。 每幾天噴一次。 防制螞蟻入內。

    Spraying insecticide along the base of the house's external walls to not let them in.

    目的是所噴的範圍疣胸琉璃蟻數日不敢過。 是的, 同樣罐上畫螞蟻, 但這噴效牌橘色, 油性效期好像較長。

    殺蟲劑當防蟻劑 Insecticide as repellent

    The goal is the residue provides a barrier that the Dolichoderus thoracicus ants will not cross for several days. Even though other brands cans might have a picture of an ant on it, this brand, oil based seems to last longer.

    我們在用殺蟲劑當味道圍籬。 亦即不一定要殺連一隻。

    We are using insecticide as a odor fence. We don't even necessarily kill even one ant.

    螞蟻快要回來時, 會不斷試圖爬上, 但爬無幾公分又掉下來。 此刻劑渣快沒有了, 必再噴, 否則很快, 牠們就「透過無線電」, 呼叫大批兵力大侵襲。

    Yes, after a few days the ants will be back. At first repeatedly climbing up a few centimeters and falling back down, only to try again, over and over. That means the spray's residue is almost gone, so it's time to spray again without further ado! Else very soon they'll be "on the radio to their buddies," coordinating an invasion.

    習性 Habits

    因其尋找堅固打不開的盒子作窩, 似乎不管往屋內多遠, 幾乎仍會被找到。

    Because they seek a hard to open box to make their nest, no matter how deep into the house it is, the usually will still find it.

    屋內、外管線算其高速公路, 無一倖免。

    Indoor and outdoor conduits are their expressways. Not one will be left unconquered.

    節省殺蟲劑 Saving insecticide

    或許, 相對於盲目定時噴藥, 若能一天巡邏兩三次, 見到某附近螞蟻逐漸多, 也許僅噴該處亦足夠阻斷幾小時後必定之大入侵。

    Instead of just blindly spraying regularly, perhaps, if one patrols two or three times a day, one perhaps can stop invasions early, just spraying the area with a few increasing ants, before it becomes a landslide, (which it will within a few hours...)

    他種螞蟻 Other ant species

    見到非疣胸琉璃蟻之其他種螞蟻, 不見得也須急忙著噴, 因為他種可能只是乖巧負責「地勤」之地板表面, 拉走其他昆蟲屍體之螞蟻, 而非馬上向上爬牆, 尋電開關箱引起故障之疣胸琉璃蟻。 雖然一個佔地面, 一個爬牆攻屋頂, 領域不同, 但說不定互怕, 所以好的那種最好也留一些。

    If you see some other (non-Dolichoderus thoracicus) ants don't always knee-jerk reach for the bug spray. They might be just obedient "ground patrol" ants, only interested in hauling off dead bodies of other insects on the floor. Not the immediately wall climbing Dolichoderus thoracicus, who are most at home in our fuse boxes, causing outages. Even though one's range is horizontal, the other vertical (conquering our roofs,) but maybe they fear each other. So it would be best to spare a few of the docile horizontal ones...

    確認蟻種 Confirming ant variety

    捏壓疣胸琉璃蟻, 會聞到獨特味。 然後遇到未確定蟻種, 可比味。 差遠者大概是無辜蟻種。 免追殺。

    If one crushes a Dolichoderus thoracicus, it gives off a particular smell. Later when wanting to make sure what ant one is dealing with, if the smell is different, then it is probably an innocent ant. No need to kill it.

    屋簷、 遮陽篷 Eaves, awnings

    屋簷要夠寬, 以維持乾燥而不讓雨水沖刷、 日曬, 您所噴的範圍。 也許也加遮陽篷。

    Make sure the eaves of your house are wide enough to keep the area that you sprayed dry and of the rain's washing and sun bleaching. Maybe even use awnings.

  2. 高空電纜線接屋 Overhead wires connecting to house

    (您還沒改為地下化之)電纜線於屋簷下(遮陽,遮雨)塗抹機械潤滑用半固態潤滑劑, 俗稱黃油。 螞蟻不敢踏過。 (此種我尚未見到「犧牲者當橋樑」。) 每幾月攪一攪, 怕乾。 也許也能用於戶外電信等配線箱入口。 箱內亦能放衣櫃用的臭丸… (但須離家夠遠, 否則咱住戶聞得到。)

    On overhead utility wires (that you haven't yet switched to go underground,) put a blob of chassis grease on the section underneath the eaves, where sun and rain can't get to it. The ants won't dare try to cross it. (Haven't seen "over a bridge of their dead comrades" yet with this type.) Stir it up to keep it from getting dry and hard, every few weeks. Might also be useful on entrances to outdoor telephone etc. junction boxes. Also one can place mothballs in such boxes... (if they are far enough from one's house for residents not to be able to smell them.)

  3. 屋頂 Roof

    只剩下仍藏在屋頂板內者。 因是獨立海島型群, 才敢採液態餌劑, 否則怕又引外面的入屋。 但我們已依上列步驟確定房屋已與屋外隔絕了。

    That leaves just the ones hidden in the roof etc. boards. These isolated the ones to leave sweet liquid borax baits for, as there are no more worries the baits will merely attract more ants from outside. Because we have already cut off all contact beyond the house via the methods above.

    (記得向當地公所通報疣胸琉璃蟻, 順便領標準餌劑。)

    (Be sure to report Dolichoderus thoracicus to the local government office. At the same time get the official bait mix from them.)

    至於掛誘餌於鄰近之森林… 但森林如大海, 螞蟻數量無限。 不如於屋基劃定界線

    As to putting baits in the neighboring forest... but the forest is like an ocean, with infinite numbers of ants. Better to make a barrier at the base of the house.

  4. 檢查衣服 Check your clothes

    從草叢返室內時檢查有無疣胸琉璃蟻集中藏在褲頭後面中央、 衣領後面中央、 鈕扣座底等處。

    When returning from the bushes, make sure there are no Dolichoderus thoracicus hiding all grouped together at the center of your belt line in the back, or underneath your collar in the center at the back, or in open snap button sockets etc.

新屋設計 New house design

若蓋新屋, 怎麼設計才免一直噴, 又不怕疣胸琉璃蟻入侵? 也許:

If we are building a new house, what design steps might we take so we don't need constant spraying to not fear a Dolichoderus thoracicus invasion? Perhaps:

其他 Etc.

本蟻種對電信設備與工人電表。 This ant vs. telephone equipment and workers, power meters.

另參考螞蟻專家彰化師範大學生物系教授林宗岐。 See also National Changhua University of Education Department of Biology professor C. C. Lin.

圖 Images: 疣胸琉璃蟻全選一繩 Dolichoderus thoracicus ants all choose one string.

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