Kenwood TH-F7E 收發機 transceiver

"A" 帶擴頻 band expansion 或問店家 or ask the store.

I in 2004/6 at 我於日昇 Sunham 以 for NT$11200 買了一台 bought a Kenwood TH-F7E 無線電收發機 transceiver.

WFM: It seems 好像聽 receiving UHF TV "isn't one of the main design goals of the 不是 TH-F7E 設計的重點" unfortunately. I cannot hear them with WFM mode.

Aviation bands too come in poorer than the 飛航頻率收得不如 Icom IC-R2.

Cannot scan downwards as easy as upwards. Must turn knob and can't avoid scanning a little upwards.

No shortcut to switching modes. E.g., at 100 MHz, going from 如由 WFM 跳至 to FM 需按十次! needs ten button presses: 5*(F+BAND)=10.

Couldn't access the "additional characters" for memory names.

No simple way to transfer a VFO frequency between A and B bands.

Cannot use the MHz button without first leaving FINE mode, 不合理 for no good reason.

電供應 Power supply

2005/2: 邊充邊聽電池會熱,不好。故不要這樣做。 Charging while listening makes the battery hot: bad. So don't do it.

2007/2: 萬一啟不動 If the radio does not turn on, 或試先充電一兩秒 charging it for a few seconds first might help. But if the charge lights don't come on either, one discovers that both problems can be resolved by 試先卸電池一兩秒 removing the battery for a second or two and then snapping it back into place, which of course isn't much fun if one has the belt clip attached.

2007/11: 爛貨臨終心理準備 My friend who fixes radios says he gets tons of F7E's etc. to repair, and one should prepare for the funeral of one's F7E. The first sign of disease is difficulty turning the radio on, he says. "Icom never made such a crappy radio as this Kenwood."


下次還是買專門接收機較敏, 配一般便宜收發機就好。 Next time better to buy a pure receiver, as that would be more sensitive, and for transmitting just use a ordinary cheap transceiver.

電腦介面 Computer interface.

My TH-F7E's serial number is 51000193.

積丹尼 Dan Jacobson

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