鄉下不安靜 Not quiet in the country

"The hills are alive, with the sound of music" ♪ ♫ ♬ ... ☹ oh no... no Silent Night ☹.

「搬到鄉下享受安靜」可能享受不到,特別在農業區。 "Moving to the countryside to get some peace and quiet" could backfire, especially in farm areas: 二手音 secondhand noise.

The real me 真的我蒙著耳朵, 因雖然把錢花光了了搬到(台灣,世界人口密度最高國之一,的)鄉下, 仍得不到安靜。 covering his ears. You see Dan blew all his dough to move to the countryside (however of Taiwan, almost highest population density country on earth) thinking that he could get some peace and quiet, but instead got radios, bird-clearing rockets, kareoke, hunters' and their dogs and rifles, 24-hour radios to scare monkeys away from crops, smudge pots (smoke from fire to prevent cold damage to crops), also of course weed whipper motor noise and far floating pesticide odor. 收音機、 嚇鳥炮竹、 卡拉OK、 獵狗、人、槍、 防寒煙、 割草機嗡、 趕猴喇叭廿四小時, 另難免的割草機聲、 農藥味遠飄。

Asking neighbors to cooperate doesn't always work. 拜託鄰居效率有限。

搬上山不久頭頂又出現一條國際航線。 Not long after moving to the hills, an international air route even appeared over my head.

有的人覺得 「到山上高唱卡啦OK」很棒, 但他們看不到的幾公里內的鄰居不見得也想欣賞。 There are folks who think it's great to go to the country and sing kareoke. However, their invisible neighbors for kilometers around don't necessarily wish to share the experience.

「不是只有高級住宅區才沒人敢唱卡啦OK?」 那麼我們就由此營造一個高級住宅區吧, 您我土地升值! "Aren't high class residential districts the only places where nobody dares play kareoke?" Well if we keep it quiet we will naturally evolve into a high class residential district. Everybody's land becomes more valuable!

您在唱, 增加勸導當地青少年不要唱的困難度。 您回家後他們還在唱。 他們不見得懂的您那些規則。 Your singing just makes the work of convincing local youth not to sing that much harder. And they'll be singing long after you have gone home. And they don't necessarily understand the same etiquette as yours.

您想回家就回家, 別人不見得能…

You can go home if you want. Others not necessarily...

且不是能輕易報警。 那些工寮即使有門牌, 警員仍很容易迷路。 Nor can one easily just "call the cops." Even if those mountain sheds all had house addresses, the police still get lost easily.

想想森林解說員要與您們聲音競爭, 遊客不會想再來。 觀光農業泡湯。 Imagine a forest tour guide having to compete sound-wise with you. The tourists won't want to return a second time. Agricultural tourism defeated.

想象您是從事土地仲介。 正在介紹某筆昂貴鄉下土地時, 不遠有人唱起歌來, 導致客戶不要該整個社區了。

或者, 購買後才發現… 那麼買方會有受騙感覺。

Imagine if you were a real estate agent. You are showing your client expensive rural property, only to have the whole deal ruined when nearby somebody starts singing karaoke. In fact he doesn't want to see any more land in the entire neighborhood.

Or, only after he buys the land does he discover the problem. In this case the buyer will feel he was cheated.

或許我們能從「保守派」立場論之: 「維護不動產價值」, 「對(渡假)產業好」。

Anyway, we can frame the argument from the "conservative" 'protecting property values', 'good for (vacation industry) business' approach.

順便提, 為什麼台灣的學校都弄擴音系統, 「某某同學,請到某某室」何必同時通知周圍兩公里? 校鐘亦同。 另見全國校鐘移室內計劃。 此可用基金鼓勵學校把鐘搬回室內…

By the way, in Taiwan, schools often have bells and loudspeakers pointing outwards, so the surrounding community must share in each day's internal affairs. Perhaps a foundation could fund a program to get those bells moved back indoors...

以下針對個別噪音來源提供可能改善辦法。 當然若能送設備給鄰居, 效果更大。 Below I attempt to address solutions to some items. Of course if one can provide the equipment to the neighbors, this might better facilitate the solution.

收音機 Radio

易改善的但不具改善合作功德心為最頭痛。 Easily improved noise problems where alas a lack of cooperative spirit exists are the worst.

往往是放在工寮插電, 開很大聲, 為了一整公頃地走到那兒, 聽到那兒。 問題是後邊五百公頃的人被迫跟著聽。

Usually a radio is placed in a shack, to provide coverage for e.g., one hectare. However, this forces those people on the 500 hectares beyond to also listen along.

關鍵是不要用長程喇叭解決短程的問題。 裝充電電池收音機放在搬運車上等離果園內工作地點很近, 或放在口袋就好。 甚怕固定插座及喇叭, 需音量大自己才聽見, 導致無辜者必跟者聽!

The key is long range speakers should not be used to solve a short range problem. A radio containing rechargeable batteries can be placed on a cart near ones work site in the orchard, or in ones pocket... works great. The worst solution is radios or speakers using fixed position sockets. They must often be turned up very loud in order to be heard at the desired position, which of course forces other innocent people in the area to "listen along".

探索收音機位置 Searching radio position.

(可見這樣在乎, 我們就忙很多年。) 一般的人太忙自己的事, 不太會注意周圍的噪音, 不像我們較會發呆的人。

(One can see, with this level of concern, one will be busy for years. Why not just give up and head for the hills... oops that's where we already are. Or move back to the city and do something interesting to take one's mind off...) Average folks don't pay that much attention to surrounding noise pollution, they are too busy with their own business, as compared to us more empty headed types.

比工寮掛著更能聽到那兒, 亦能隨時轉台。

One can indeed listen clearer in every corner of the farm as compared to when one just hangs the radio in the shack. One can also change stations, etc.

可試提供口袋型收音機配充電電池、 充電器。 (並非插耳機的隨身聽, 耳機無必要! 只會卡在樹枝。) 亦能掛樹上。

Try providing a pocket radio, with rechargeable batteries and charger. (Note we are not talking about a "walkman" with earphones. Earphones are not needed! They will only get caught on tree branches too.)

的確, 掛個(用充電電池)收音機在旁邊樹上, 連 AM 調幅台可聽好久免怕一移動大小聲不一。 (AM: 走路須維持口袋對電台方向一致!)

舊天線的想法 Older antenna ideas

Indeed, hanging a (rechargeable) battery powered radio (just) a few meters away in a tree one can even listen to AM stations without worrying about reception changing while walking. (AM: one needs to keep one's pocket aligned to the station while walking!)

2007 年: 買一箱正牌口袋式收音機,及一箱正牌充電器與電池,送人家。 收音機手工搭配相等長度之軟式線狀天線, 絕緣皮剝掉, 再綁上原調頻 FM 收縮直天線處, 聽調頻台則免伸天線而導致行走不方便。 加上本地推廣觀光手冊以強調大家營造觀光環境。(太高尚。) 其實現在手機均附FM收音機功能。 雖須接耳機線當天線, 但仍能設聲音由主喇叭。 惟恐略複雜。 反正均比工寮掛喇叭好: 電話、廣告來時,能切小聲。

Buy boxes of brand name quality pocket radios and chargers and batteries, as gifts. For FM band listening there is no need for the user to extend the antenna making pocket use inconvenient. We merely need to attach an equally long length of flexible wire, skin removed at the contact point, to the compacted antenna's end! Also bring the local tourism brochure, mentioning that we want to make a environment suitable to tourism. (Never mind, too lofty a concept.) In fact today's cellphones all come with FM radio included. Though one must attach the headphone wire as an antenna, one can still set output to be via the main speaker. However all this is slightly more for the technically inclined. Anyway all this beats hanging a speaker back at the shack, which one cannot turn down in case of a telephone call or to avoid listening to advertisements.

新天線的想法 Newer antenna ideas

2021 年了。 早、 夜市充斥又便宜又輕又好 FM 口袋式數位收音機。 天線在哪裡了? 就在手提繩線內! 鋰-ion 電池留裡面, 而以充電線充。

It's 2021 and cheap good lightweight FM pocket digital radios are aplenty at morning / night markets. Where's their antenna? In the hand strap! Li-ion rechargeable batteries stay hidden as we connect the charging cord.

民宿 Inns

民宿、 觀光農業業者不樂見客人因噪音搖頭、嚇跑。 Home stay, inn, and tourism agriculture operators would not be happy to see guests not coming back due to noise.

還有部份老人, 自己說已重聽, 把音量轉得更大。 And then there's the older listeners, hard of hearing (or so they say.) So they have to turn the volume up even more. 莫大助聽器。 The largest hearing aid ever.

不合作者 Uncooperative people

也有純粹不合作者。 不跟我合作。 不跟你合作。 不跟所有鄰居合作。

And then there are the just plain uncooperative people. Not cooperative with me, not cooperative with you. Not cooperative with anybody.


One could expect they will just tire out the police too.

薩克斯風 Saxophone

不管加擴音器與否, 戶外或薄鐵皮屋內, 練薩克斯風易擾鄰。

No matter if an amplifier is used or not, outdoors or inside a thin sheet metal house, saxophone practice easily annoys neighbors. 2019/3

趕猴子的收音機 Monkey scaring radios

趕猴喇叭舉例 Monkey scaring loudspeaker example:

2004.11.8 回家發現於五百公尺遠山頭設兩支各六十瓦特喇叭廿四小時全開, 如宣傳車停在門口一樣。 I returned home to find on a hilltop 500 meters away, two loudspeakers, each 60 watts, at full blast, 24 hours a day. Like an announcement truck parked at one's door.

還好允許我換成數支臉孔大的扁喇叭又退後坡, 另加定時器晚間切掉,因夜間無猴。 Fortunately they allowed me to replace them with many face sized (20cm) flat speakers, further back behind the hill, with a timer to turn them off for extra measure, as monkeys are diurnal.

今已改採下述電籬笆 Now they use an electric fence, mentioned below.

不幸, 果實成熟期間, 聲音可能是農民最經濟防猴法。

Unfortunately, when fruits are ripe, sound might be the most economical monkey scaring method for farmers.

聽說今有如猴子穿紅外線電子鞭炮則響, 聽起來很進步, 惟希望晚上自動關閉, 萬一有搖動樹枝等等斷光線… I hear there is now a system where when a monkey breaks an infrared beam, and electronic firecracker sounds. Sounds like progress, but I just hope it can shut itself down at night, as perhaps swaying tree branches etc. might block the beam...

電籬笆才有效 Electric fence: effective

2007年:一般農民快發現喇叭對猴無長效, 轉採黑蘭花棚布牆, 內或藏電線。 衛星圖例。 Actually most farmers soon realize the long term ineffectiveness of radios upon monkeys, and use instead walls of black plastic cloth usually with electric wires beneath. Satellite image example. (2018/2 更新 update: 政府推廣「電圍網補助」方案了! now the government is providing financial assistance to encourage farmers to erect electric fences!)

惟若園是租的, 地主、 果農雙方各立籬笆意願不高, 可能只請換串小喇叭… Alas if the orchard is rented, the owner and the renter don't have much incentive in investing in a fence. In this case one can only rely on replacement with a string of smaller speakers.

或各種非法佔之公、私有土地, 也無法申請電網補助, 甚至無法申請電。 Or various illegally occupied public or private lands, have no way of applying for electric fence reimbursement, or even apply for electricity itself.


嚇鳥炮竹 Bird scaring rockets

農民說嚇鳥炮竹效果不大… Farmers say such noises have little effect. Maybe they can try [替代方法 alternatives].

連夜鞭炮 All night firecrackers

以趕白天的鳥與猴, 農民有時用一根綁幾枝鞭炮。 惟若時間沒把握, 可能一直爆整夜,叫醒鄰居。 (午覺亦打碎。) Farmers sometimes use a few firecrackers wrapped at intervals along a ("joss") stick of incense to scare birds and monkeys of the daytime. But if not timed right, this can end up exploding through the night, wakening neighbors. (Ruins noon siesta too.)

(圖 Image: 香在木條後面, 看不到。 每大約 40 分鐘爆一次。 The incense stick is behind the wood stick, out of view. Approximately 40 minutes between each explosion.)

2018 年: 50 至 100 米長繩 (由鞋帶批發卷), 拉跨越埡口鞍部。 風一吹似拉長鋸: voopa voopa voopa. 數百米遠以為誰在盍房子, 又晚上無猴… 2018: A 50 to 100 meter long rope (actually from a reel of wholesale shoelace string) strung across a windy mountain pass (saddle) creating long band-saw sounds 24 hours a day when the wind blows: voopa voopa voopa, audible for hundreds of meters. (One looks around: what construction crew is building a house?) (Monkeys only active in daytime too.)

較短扁塑膠繩, 固定果樹的, 五至十米, 夜間落山風吹, 百餘米聽見, 以為軍隊那麼晚還在練習直昇機。 改其他繩類即可。 Shorter ropes (5 to 10 meters, flat plastic packaging bands) anchoring fruit trees. Can be heard 100+ meters away: sound like helicopters when the wind (strong some nights) blows. (Why is the army practicing so late?) Just use a different type of string.

爆後,閃光已過,若也無濃煙則已無法辨釋從哪理。 The flash is gone before one can look, so one can't tell where the problem occurred unless there is enough smoke. 但是預估其下次爆炸, 每炸走越來越近。兩三小時就能找到。 However predicting the timing of the next explosion, we can get closer and close each blast. And withing two or three hours, find the source.

夜間守候, 看到閃點, 記下位置, 待白天過去查。 Wait at night for the flash and record its position. Then in the daytime go and investigate.

連白天有人放比一般鞭炮百倍火藥的某國慶似炮種。 均本頁常提距離比例問題, 乾脆整房炸掉為遠間一蒼蠅。 Even in the daytime some people use some super firecracker with hundreds times more gunpowder than regular firecrackers, and resulting negative shock wave or whatever. Just like many items on this page, it is all a scale of distance / proportions. Why don't they just dynamite their whole house just to kill a fly in a far room.

此超炮唯一好處是白天免一直盯著等哪裡有閃光, 而能「聽」到事後跑出來看那兒有屋子大白煙雲, 實地調查, 地上炮殼, 就找到問題鄰居了。 The one upside of this super firework in the daytime is one needn't keep their head trained on the potential area looking for the flash (if indeed it isn't blocked by a tree). One need only observe where nearby is there a house-sized giant cloud of white smoke to pin point the problem neighbor. Upon arriving in the potential area look for spent bomb tubes etc.

另參爆竹煙火管理條例。 See also Firework and Firecracker Management Act... 惟恐都會通過,不 違法。 But oh no, they probably will all pass the test... no violation found.

2021 年: 李○市議員您好。 之前報紙刊登您對鞭炮條例時段的看法。 惟如鄉下工寮, 我頭伸進去發現, 晚上七點工人已經躺著要睡。 僅供參考。 謝謝。

2021: Dear Li * City Council Member: earlier we read in the press your view on revising city firecracker time limits. However e.g., in the countryside I stuck my head into a shed and discovered at 19:00 (7 PM) the workers inside were already lying down ready to sleep. Thanks.

兩個鞭炮聲比一個好 Two firecracker bangs are better than one

衝天炮比鞭炮好 Skyrockets are better than firecrackers

有趣歷史 Fun history

「由於過去廖姓家族曾因興建風水放鞭炮引發原住民的出草, 從此之後住在山腳下的村民嚴守不論婚喪喜慶都不能放鞭炮的禁忌。」 吳明麗,〈猛虎跳牆〉《慶福庄社區報》 187 頁 (東勢:臺中縣山城人文經濟發展促進協會,2003)

隔音 Soundproofing

諾伊斯聲學之家; 投資好像不少。 Looks like a major investment.

居家卡拉OK那一戶免做隔音, 反而是週圍九百九十九戶須做隔音, 以社會成本不如該一戶做。 (規模令人想起 「機場航空噪音防制區住戶補助計畫」。 )

Also one family singing kareoke - 999 families need to do soundproofing, isn't as good as just that one family doing the soundproofing, in terms of total cost to society. (Makes one think of the scale of policies to reimburse airport neighbors' soundproofing!)

當然, 晚間 10 時後不得唱。 那麼 10 點前?

Sure: no singing allowed after 10PM. But what about before then?

又您在大聲享受, 那麼周遭農民聽到了還有心辛苦工作嗎?

Also there you are blasting away with the kareoke having the good times. Won't nearby farmers start asking themselves "Why am I still doing all this hard work all day? Why can't I be like him?"

耳罩 Earmuffs

還有耳罩… 當然戴上後也聽不到鄰居叫您、 蛇等等…

Also trying hearing protection earmuffs... upon which one of course cannot then hear e.g., neighbors calling your name, snakes etc.

戴耳罩又怕長壓三叉神經等。 另發現, 戴耳罩, 或許因不再聽到鳥叫等聲音, 有時令人想睡。

Also be careful with pressure on the trigeminal nerve etc. Also it seems, wearing protective headsets, perhaps because one no longer hears the birds and bees etc., one becomes sleepy.

可試只罩單耳, 或許此與左右腦有關。 至少仍聽得見鄰居叫您名字。

One can experiment with just blocking one ear. Has something to do with brain hemispheres. At least one can still hear neighbors calling one's name.

Active Noise Suppression

...where a computer in the earmuffs cancels the sound using the opposite sound. I doubt it would work for such small sounds... Anyway the noise making people should use headphones to hear their noises, and force others to cut off all sounds, risking their safety and sanity.

耳塞 Earplugs


Hours of wearing earplugs might cause humid mold producing conditions in the ear.

安全 Safety

我鄰居也提, 用危險鏈鋸等, 萬一發生意外喊叫時, 如果到處都是收音機響, 大家會以為廣播劇等等而不理。

My neighbor mentioned that working with dangerous chain saws etc. If there is an accident and one screams for help, if there are many radios blaring, neighbors might just assume it is part of some broadcast, and ignore it.

自己也聽收音機 Just listen to the radio yourself

是啊, 但有時想專心。 Yes, but sometimes one wishes to concentrate.

氣溫影響 Effect of temperature

天氣越冷, 聲音傳得越清晰, 加上大自然能蓋的聲音, 如蟋蟀, 也減少。 Note: as weather gets colder, sounds transmit more clearly. Also natural masking sounds, e.g., crickets, decrease.

出太陽氣流往上,路具自然屏障效應。 When the sun comes out rising air currents create somewhat of an isolating barrier effect, an acoustic shadow.

法規 Legal

難道無法令? 有些… Isn't there any laws? Yes there are some...

聲學 Acousitcs

參考 Reference.

At what distance (r1) from the source does the meter read (L1) 75 dbA given that where we are is (L2) 24 dbA, given varying distance (r2)?
$ perl -we '
use strict; my ( $L1, $L2 ) = ( 75, 24 );
printf "%5s %s\n", qw/r2 r1/;
for ( my $r2 = 500 ; $r2 <= 5000 ; $r2 += 500 ) {
  printf "%5d %.0f\n", $r2, $r2 * 10**( ( $L2 - $L1 ) / 20 );
} '
   r2 r1
  500 1
 1000 3
 1500 4
 2000 6
 2500 7
 3000 8
 3500 10
 4000 11
 4500 13
 5000 14
To read no more than L1 = 23 DbA at my location, what is the maximum DbA L2 at r2 near (= 1 meter) a speaker at various distances from me?
$ perl -we '
use strict;
my ( $L1, $r2 ) = ( 23, 1 );
printf "%5s %s\n", qw/r1 L2/;
sub log10 { my $n = shift; return log($n) / log(10); }
for ( my $r1 = 500 ; $r1 <= 5000 ; $r1 += 500 ) {
    printf "%5d %.0f\n", $r1, $L1 + 20 * log10( $r1 / $r2 );
   r1 L2
  500 77
 1000 83
 1500 87
 2000 89
 2500 91
 3000 93
 3500 94
 4000 95
 4500 96
 5000 97

其他 Etc.

好像需要很多鄰居的合作才有辦法過日子。 Seems like one needs the cooperation of many neighbors to be able to go from day to day.

「組織性」宗教樂於擴音「分享」。 Just like organized crime, "organized religion" just can't resist "sharing" via loudspeakers... 差點令人素食再也吃不太下。 Almost makes a vegan give up on vegetables.

Acoustic ecology, urban birds, ovenbird noise. 順便提本山 By the way, 些大 自然 some nature stuff on my mountain.

鄰居固定狗、雞叫能快習慣,獵狗則不。 部份固定航線亦然。 Stationary (neighbors', not hunters') dogs, chicken calls are easy to get used to, as are even some air routes overhead.

卻每幾月消防或軍直昇機返航捷徑經我山, 未維持規定中之離地面至少 500 呎… 機肚也常無編號… 增加回報困難。 However every few months helicopters from the army or fire rescue don't obey the 500 feet minimum altitude rule when returning to base making a shortcut over my hilltop... and their bottom often don't have numbers... harder to report.

可惜我於美國郊外長大, 若於台灣長大大概不受影響。 Alas, I was raised in the semi-comfy USA suburbs (EVanston, ILlinois.). If I grew up in Taiwan, I probably would not be affected.

以上種種壓力易引發憂鬱症。 All the tension mentioned above could easily provoke depression.

"People differed dramatically in their ability to keep irrelevant items out of awareness." [Ref]; Psychoacoustics.

2011/12/8: 也有鄰居被隔壁吵, 花一萬元弄擴音器吵回去, 可怕 "arms race". One neighbor couldn't handle the other's noise so spent NT$10000 on a public address speaker system to blast back. Crazy.

友人說想搬鄉下種有機蔬菜, 哈! 還是留在都市天天與友活動好。 A friend asked me "I want to move to the countryside and grow organic vegetables!" Ha -- stick to the city, tons of pals to hang out with every night.

百位鄰居全精神狀況佳之可能性多大? What are the chances that each and every one of 100 neighbors are "playing with a full deck" mentally?

慢慢會盼望下雨天、深夜、颱風天, 以免噪音者上山。 停電日視為國定假日。 衛星雲圖小小雲朝著我們方向充滿了希望…唉。

One ends up hoping for rainy days, to keep noisy farmer neighbors from coming to their farms. The deeper the night the better. Typhoons best. Electric power outage days like national holidays. Happiness upon seeing the smallest approaching cloud on the satellite weather map.

談起假日, 噪音最大假日: 元宵節 。 Speaking about holidays, worst for noise: Lantern Festival.

我的山谷與對面有似 whispering gallery: my valley and the one across from me have some of the same effects.

2018/3: 或許得選最小視野(聽野)之封閉山谷, 以減少未來必然之勸導對象。 Maybe one needs to select the smallest viewshed (soundshed) isolated valley, to reduce the eventual amount of negotiations needed. 例 example: 圖 Map 等等特殊地形 etc. special land forms. See also Google Earth Pro 亦可.

我製周遭環境累積 I made a 圖 map (KMZ) of items present and past in my surrounding environment. 原始碼 Source code.

網友說 「這樣把音樂播送出去, 不會有智慧財產權的問題嗎?」! A web pal commented, "With loudspeaker playing music publicly like that, aren't there some intellectual property rights implications?"! But what songs are they? 但是那些是什麼歌? 哈, 有 APP 能辨識屬哪歌… Ha ha, there are apps out there that can identify which songs they are...

逐年精神賠償判決時有所聞, 剪報給給您惡鄰居。 Often the news has court decisions of monetary reparations for each year of psychological damages -- give your nasty neighbors some newspaper clippings.

Silence is golden. Pee-wee Herman: Shhhhhh

鄉下必須注意如蛇等小聲音, 噪音簡直危險! In the countryside one has to be alert to little sounds, e.g., snakes. Thus we see noise pollution is dangerous!

噪音犯應送修環保課。 They ought to send noise offenders to environment education class.

2019-06-16 大重機天堂台21線天冷段 警昨取締6輛違規開罰 (Police snare noisy motorcycles on Highway 21.) ) 跨坑,五公里遠聽得到。 Can be heard from next valley, five km. away.

另參 See Also

2013/9 My Mom says

Wow, Danny, you write so well! I love your description of "life in the country" -- I appreciate your funniness and your natural dry humor and your facetious but polite description of the neighbors' practices. This piece is better than a lot of writing in "witty" selections in the New Yorker magazine.

無關噪音 Non-noise related

搬鄉下者另注意 Other items of concern for those moving to the country.

農藥味 Pesticide odor

有些農藥長臭或每下雨又臭起來。 看鄰居能不能試另種。

There are some pesticides that stink for days or at each rain begin stinking again. Perhaps the neighbor can try a different pesticide.

煙 Smoke

鄉下每日燒的東西也不少(煙多)。 The amount of burning in the countryside is not small (lot of smoke).

水果套袋廢棄物 Fruit bag refuse

因環保局回收站開方時間、地點不方便, 農民水果套紙袋廢棄物當地燒, 煙霧瀰漫。 越近越濃越是鄰居越不敢檢舉。

Because the recycling station is too far away and opening hours too short, farmers just burn their used protective paper fruit bags (that are removed from the fruit when harvesting it.) The closer one is the thicker the smoke, and the more familiar the neighbors are, so the less one dares report it.

建議農會果菜市場設水果套袋廢棄物回收區, 方便農民一邊交貨,一邊交袋。

The agricultural cooperative's fruit market should maintain an bag recycling area, so farmers could give the bags at the same time as shipping their fruit.


It's not just simple like with radios: "Here, use this portable gift radio instead."

勒鴿鳥網 Pigeon ransoming bird nets

勒鴿鳥網必須請警方根除, 以免除惡棍徘徊。 Pigeon ransoming bird nets must be eliminated with police assistance, to get rid of criminals loitering.

獵人 Hunters

不讓獵人來, 他們會破壞你的東西。 If you don't allow hunters in, they will vandalize your property.

獵人之狗 Hunter's dogs

獵人何不狗脖加GPS領, 免得到處叫尋? Why don't the hunters give their dogs GPS collars so they wouldn't get lost and need to go around calling after them?

獵人鳴槍 Hunter's guns

徹夜鳴獵槍:報警。 (又非原住民。)

Blasting rifles through the wee hours: call the police. (And no, it's not aborigines.)

萬一您一粒散彈貫穿山頂上的水塔, 把全年灌溉水流走? 您要用搬運車將數十公噸水 (從哪兒?) 運回去? 或賠全園果樹枯死?

What if one of your shotgun pellets punctures a mountaintop water storage tank, letting a whole year's worth of water leak out? Are you going to use a cart to haul tons of water (from where?) back in to it? Or remunerate the orchard owner if all his fruit trees die due to dry weather?

理想地形 Ideal landforms

我在思索哪類地形, 排水佳並不遭受鄰居(卡啦 OK)噪音? (尚未譯:)

Sure, there are noise barriers, but I'm thinking about what would be an ideal entire landform to have one's residence in, with the only requirements being good drainage, and not being able to hear any neighbor(s' karaoke).

A simple ridgeline or berm would only block one side.

Ah, need some kind of amba, hillfort, bolson, mound, platform mound type of artificial dwelling hill? A flat topped pyramid?

Some table? butte?… not big enough. Ah, a mesa!

(Wait, how about a thick walled bunker? No. That would take all the point out of living in the countryside. Might as well be back in town, with their penthouse right across from our rooftop slum.)

OK, but what if on top of the neighboring mesa or even natural amphitheatre lives a noisy neighbor? If they lived back down on the valley floor we couldn't hear / see them from the middle of our mesa. But they don't. OK, so we need our own "personal valley" - slight depression on top of our mesa.

OK let's think about drainage. So one side of our mesa will still be open... But with some kind of Soft serve style ice cream swirl entrance valley, curved, so water could get out, but (most of their) sound couldn't get in, as there would be an earth barrier (not just plants!) So it would be a (mostly) "closed valley" with a turn going down. I suppose one is looking for the smallest viewshed possible...

Wait, checking the list of (landform) depressions, we note cirque, volcanic crater... Ah, yes, a caldera with a lake for water supply, and underground drainage preventing the water from getting too high. (Just be sure to buy a dormant one.)

Anyway, we're talking environmental psychology, place attachment, environmental ethics, rural sociology, nature connectedness.

If one day I get acclimatized / habituated to the noise, (or instead just grief bound,) then I will never be a hero. Yup, maybe with a little more spatial or environmental planning with these slope types, we could achieve our ecopsychological goals. A "transpersonal ecology" win-win. Else it's just days full of anticipatory grief or needing to do noise calculations.

真的沒鄰居? Really no neighbors?

Q: 晚上看出去, 沒看到燈, 代表我沒鄰居(就能吵)嗎? Looking out at night, I don't see any lights. Does this mean I don't have any neighbors (and thus can make a lot of noise)?

A: 不一 定 Not necessarily:

「我們這裡是純農區, 沒居民, 亂放鞭炮趕動物無所謂。」 "This is a 100% farm area, there are no residents. Who cares if I make explosions to scare animals?"

台灣哪兒有數公里 (您波及之範圍) 沒有居民? 連內政部門牌座標能找一大堆。 除了新搶山林寧居, 還有您想不到的老人默默住。 Where in Taiwan are there several kilometers (the range that sound disrupts) that have no residents? Even in the Interior Ministry's address database you will find plenty of residences. Besides folks returning to the countryside, buying land for the quiet lifestyle, there are plenty of old folks you would never notice.

即使只有白天農民, 那您也放, 他也跟著中午回家, (綁香)也還在放。 百農午睡碎了。 Even if all there are are daytime farmers, your explosions will cause other farmers to think it is OK, and then they leave some timed fireworks when they go home, shattering hundreds of other farmers' noon siesta.

時段 Times

2021/3: 有關 「公告修正臺中市噪音管制區內禁止從事妨礙安寧行為之時間…」 恐有所「從都市人看天下」, 而「偏晚」, 忽略鄉下人仍 「日出而作, 日入而息」, (「才能生產給都市人吃」)。

那麼建議對鄉下區域, 時段規範可多參考 「天黑…天亮」、 「日入…日出」、「暮光…曙光」。(此亦已含季節性!)


(The rules regarding what times what noise is allowed are written from the "city slicker" / "townsman" (late sleeper, late riser) perspective, and neglect rural people (early to bed, early to rise) (so as to "make hay while the sun shines" to "harvest food for the city people to eat.") Therefore the rules should add more "dusk to dawn" concepts (which indeed already have seasonality included!))

給環保署 2021.4: 全國第二類噪音管制區, 同時含早睡早起之農村, 與晚睡晚起之都市。 恐對各地方政府制定時段, 難一概而論。

To Taiwan EPA 2021/4: Nationwide, Noise Control Area type Ⅱ includes early to bed early to rise villages, and late to bed late to rise cities. This presents a difficulty for local governments when drafting time regulations.

河床放水預警喇叭 River floodgate early warning loudspeakers


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